Sparkling Range

Sparkling wines have been made at Kellybrook since we first started wine production over 50 years ago. All our sparkling wines are made entirely in house, using the time honoured Méthode Traditionelle, complete with long lees aging, hand riddling and hand disgorging. Our sparkling wines are all made exclusively from grapes grown at our home vineyard, Siwa.


Edenesque Series

The Edenesque range is made to represent classic Yarra Valley character in an approachable and earlier drinking style. It is often made up of fruit from upper Yarra Valley and Lower Yarra Valley producing balanced wines that truly represent our region. The name ‘Edenesque’ was inspired by the beautiful gardens of Kellybrook.


Single Vineyard Series

The Single Vineyard range is made using the finest fruit from a single vineyard site. These sites are ‘Siwa vineyard’ which is our home vineyard in Wonga Park at Kellybrook, ‘Full Moon vineyard’ and ‘Willowlake vineyard’, both in Gladysdale in the upper Yarra Valley. 

We carefully select the best parcels of fruit and nurture it through the winemaking process and into the bottle. Only ever made in very small amounts, these premium wines are made to express the very specific characteristics of each unique Yarra Valley site. 


Cider & Apple Brandy Range


The Yarra Valley 60 years ago was known more as an apple orchard region than it was for wine growing. Darren Kelly developed a Méthode Traditionelle cider at Kellybrook way back in 1969. We still make this cider style today. Our Apple brandy is a cider brandy made in our still and matured in oak. It is very true to its French inspired origins, and is a nod to our cider making history.


Estd. 2010


A modern representation of cider today. Fresh fruit flavours, clean and crisp. The Kelly Brothers range was developed by Phil and Gus in 2010. It features approachable, easy drinking cider styles that are carefully made onsite at Kellybrook from delicious, local apples.