Family has always been the backbone of Kellybrook, and when you come across Kellybrook, in every aspect, you’ll feel like part of the Kelly family.

Run by Phil, Gus, and Jenny Kelly, as a small family business, at Kellybrook we pride ourselves on crafting everything in house, from viticulture, sparkling wine and table wine production, distillation, cider production and packaging, the Kelly family has an unwavering focus on quality.

Three generations now live and work on the property, creating wine, cider and apple brandy and unforgettable experiences for their guests.


Kellybrook had its beginnings in 1960 with the planting of apple orchards on the family property in Wonga Park. It was founded by Darren and Farley Kelly, who went on to become recognised pioneers of the Yarra Valley wine industry.

Purchased in the 1930’s by Darren’s parents, Alfred and Inez, as a hobby farm, after a few years, they decided to make it their home.

It was then that they named the property, Siwa, after the Egyptian oasis that Alf rested in on his way home from service in WWII.

1970 saw Kellybrook granted the first vignerons’ licence in the Yarra Valley and the opening of the region’s first cellar door.

Full of optimism, Darren planted the first vines in 1975. The orchard gave way to vineyards, becoming what is now referred to as the Siwa Vineyard or home vineyard.

Initially plantings were of Shiraz, Cabernet, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were added later and have become the main varieties on the property.

Our Place

Kellybrook’s grounds feature a captivating 130-year-old oak tree surrounded by picturesque gardens that were created by Farley Kelly over the past 40 years. 

This special oak tree has been a part of countless lives and welcomes many guests from weddings and celebrations to smaller groups visiting for picnics.

Kellybrook has many spaces to enjoy, from the outside verandah with stunning views of the vineyard, to being nestled in Farley’s garden, or inside by the open fire (depending on the weather, we have the spot for you!). As one of the closest wineries to Melbourne, Kellybrook is the perfect place to visit in the Yarra Valley.