The Riders Brew Co. beers are served all around Melbourne. All available on tap and in bottle.

Making great wines and cider is thirsty work. The solution was for Gus and Phil Kelly with the assistance of local brewer Shandy Gargan to start a brewery too! Enter the Riders Brew Co. Established in 2014, the Riders Brew Co. brewery produces inspired and full flavoured beers. Using carefully selected malt and hops we make three distinctly different and standalone styles.

Brewed by Beer Lovers

Riders Brew Co beers are brewed by dedicated beer lovers (us, especially Gus Kelly). All our beers are available in the bottle and in kegs.

Our approach to brewing is to apply the roots of traditional brewing to a modern outlook of style and expression. Sourcing great malt, hops and water is the key to quality. The result is beer with lively expression, freshness and a fullness of flavour. Something you generally don’t see from beers brewed in large commercial breweries.