Kellybrook Wines since 1975

Kellybrooks wines are made from the grapes of our old family vineyard in Wonga Park. The site was planted in 1975 to Pinot Noir, chardonnay, Riesling, Shiraz , cabernet and Gewurtztraminer making it one of the original plantings in the Yarra Valley.

The Vineyard

The soil profile on our site has little top soil with shale and silt stone beneath. The aspect is steep and varied which makes for excellent sun exposure and drainage. Being steep it’s a tough site to work but the fruit we get is well worth the effort.

Interesting, textured wines

We try to make wines that are interesting and textured that express the variety. We play with many different fermentation styles, yeasts, fruit ripeness and use the finest French oak.

Never boring…

Wine making is a never ending quest of discovery and each vintage throws up a new opportunity to explore style. We are not interested in making boring wines that are the same as the commercial styles you can get everywhere. . We are more interested in producing wines of expression and interest that express our vineyard site and our wine philosophy.

French Style

We also make a Sparkling Blanc de Blanc made entirely in-house in the traditional French style. This wine is hand riddled and disgorged in the time honoured way.