Sour Granny Cider

Sour Granny Cider

Yarra Valley, Victoria

A mid strength, crisp, fresh apple cider made purely from Granny Smith apples. Carton of 24 cans (375ml)

$75 each

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The best cold grown tree ripened Granny Smith apples are pressed to make Sour Granny cider. The juice is slowly fermented at under 10 degrees. The fermentation is stopped and filtered when the alcohol reaches 3.5% ABV. This leaves a cider with a perfect balance of residual sweetness, super fresh green apple character and lifted natural acidity that gives a delicious finish with a light sour snap. Very refreshing! Only available in cans. Free shipping applies to orders $140 and over

Cider Details


Ciders made on site using all Victorian fruit


Yarra Valley





Variety Composition

Granny Smith apples

Vegan Friendly


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