Apple Brandy

Apple Brandy

Yarra Valley, Victoria

Double distilled apple cider brandy

$95 each


A double-distilled cider brandy aged in old Cognac oak. Our apple brandy is distilled in our pot still and has an average age of ten years in oak. Made in the style of Calvados from Normandy in France but in the Yarra Valley (from Victorian apples).

It has fine and complex aromas of nutty and apple spirit. The long, dry and smooth palate lingers and reflects its aromatic qualities.

Known as Calvados in France, it is usually drunk as a digestif after a meal. However, it is also an indispensable addition to many French dishes and has often been recommended by the likes of Stephanie Alexander and Maggie Beer. A couple of splashes will enrich many a savoury or sweet dishes including pork, poultry and almost anything with apples. Maggie visited Kellybrook several years ago to discover Kellybrook Apple Brandy as part of an episode of The Book and the Chef.

A very special gift or addition to your own liquor cabinet. Add a splash to brandy butter at Christmas, to jus for roast pork or to buttered apple for pancakes. 700ml bottle

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Apple brandy


Yarra Valley





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