Produced by Kellybrook for nearly 50 years, cider is something we know pretty well. Darren Kelly made his first commercially released cider in 1969.

The Kelly Brothers apple and pear ciders are inspired by Darren’s original ciders and made from pure local fruit, carefully pressed and cool fermented and then sweetened with fresh juice.

The process is kept simple and honest with nothing else added. The Kelly Brothers Apple and Pear ciders are available in 330ml stubby as well as on tap from kegs.

Kelly Brothers Apple Cider

This cider is made using a blend of Pink Lady, Gala, and Granny Smith apple varieties. Each variety contributes a key element of flavour, sweetness or acidity. We press the juices through an open weave cloth and then commence fermentation immediately with full apple solids. This allows for some fine apple tannin pick up at ferment providing some structure and mouth feel.


The ferment is kept cool and allowed to go to dry. This normally takes around 10 days. We then allow the dry cloudy fermented cider (scrumpy) to settle for a few days prior to filtration. Filtered apple juice is then blended into the dry cider to bring up the sweetness and flavour of the cider. We then carbonate and bottle. This usually happens within 3 to 4 weeks of crushing the apples. Kelly Brothers Apple Cider is superb with many foods, including seafood (especially prawns), pork dishes, Asian foods and cheeses. The palate is medium dry.

Kelly Brothers Pear Cider

Our pear cider is exactly that…pears, Bosc pears to be exact. As with our Kelly Brothers Apple Cider, we press local pears and cool ferment them.

Juices are fermented on the full solids until dry to obtain some gentle tannin structure. Then we filter the cloudy alcoholic pear cider. We back blend with filtered pure pear juice to get the sweetness and flavour just right.

With less acidity, the pear cider appears softer and sweeter than the Kelly Brothers apple and expresses amazing true pear varietal character. Just like our apple cider, the Kelly Brothers Pear Cider is perfect with cheeses, seafood, pork dishes, Asian dishes or in a tall glass over ice.

Kellybrook Traditional Sparkling Cider

The first product ever made at Kellybrook back in 1969 when Darren and Farley Kelly returned from their cider fact finding mission to France. Originally called Champagne Cider, this product is widely recognised as the finest example of the ciders made in recent Australian history.

Using the best fruit, we bottle ferment, riddle and disgorge in the traditional French Method. This produces a fine drier style of cider that is perfect as an aperitif style. The bubble is persistent and the colour is pale straw. This cider has a lees contact time of a minimum of 12 months prior to disgorging. We make a dry style (brut) as well as a semi-sweet style (demi sec). Enjoy both styles with fish and other lighter meals as well as being the perfect accompaniment to cheese.